Although we’ve aimed to make it easy for you to become a WordGo Guide, you do have a few key responsibilities; especially as you host your group in your own home, at a public venue or work place. Please take a few minutes to read and digest the following guidelines on how to care for your group.


1. Keep Personal Data Privacy a High Priority

At a time when people are being more protective over their data than ever, it’s wise as a Guide to keep the sharing of personal information to a minimum. We securely store Group Member data such as name, email and year of birth. Before you share any member information among your group such as phone numbers or birthdays, make sure you have received permission from your Group Members to do so!

2. Share Gathering Details Privately

We’ve made it easy to share the details of time and venue for Group Gatherings in the App. It’s wise to use this feature rather than posting it online or in other places. This protects you as a Guide and Group Member from any unwanted guests turning up unannounced. This is critical when it comes to meeting in your own home.

3. Set Clear Expectations With Your Group

As you will be meeting to study using WordGo we hope that you will have a good understanding of each other before you first meet. However, we recommend creating a group agreement in relation to attitudes and behaviours. It also helps to have clear start and end times so that everyone is comfortable with when it’s time to arrive and go, especially if you plan to meet in your own home.

4. Make Use of the Online Training

Our hope is that guiding your WordGo Group is a relatively simple process. Many of us have had some experience in leading or being part of a small group Bible study. It is good to be prepared and consider best practices when it comes to guiding. We strongly recommend you take time to watch, listen to or read the 5 training videos and we’ve created specifically for you.

5. Ensure the Safety of Yourself and Others

As you plan when and where to meet, consider the safety of your Group Members and anyone who attends your Group Gatherings. Always postpone your WordGo gathering If only one other person can make it; meaning there will be less than 3 people in the group including you, this helps avoid any unnecessary risks of being alone with someone.

We recommend that children of Group Members DO NOT attend as this creates an increased risk for you as the Guide. Please communicate clearly with your Group Members that any children attending are the sole responsibility of their parent or guardian and must be supervised by them at all times throughout the gathering.

6. Use the Suggested Gathering Program

We have provided you with a suggested gathering program that lasts for 1 hour. That gives you time to carry out catch up time, group discussion and prayer. It may be at times beneficial for your group to spend a shorter or longer time together. Be sympathetic to the needs of others and let people know they are free to leave at anytime.

7. Tell Others You Are a WordGo Guide

When it comes to guiding a WordGo group it’s best to not try and do it alone! We’ve provided you with some training resources, but perhaps you could get more encouragement from those close to you. Why not find a trusted friend, Pastor or Elder and let them know you are guiding a study group. Ask them to pray for you and let them know your responsibilities and when you’ll be meeting so they can keep in touch and provide some additional accountability and encouragement.

8. Involve Others as You Guide

We all have unique gifting and abilities. In your WordGo Group there may be others who can assist you in various aspects of guiding the group. Providing support for hospitality and making people feel welcome can be made easier through sharing the responsibility with others. Perhaps their is another person in your group who could assist in guiding the discussion or prayer time? Why not reach out to them and share the WordGo Guide training with them and get them involved.

9. Get in Touch if You Need Help

There may be times when specific challenges come up as you guide your group. If you are stuck please get in touch with us. We’ve provided a knowledge base that will hopefully cover some of the frequent questions but if that doesn’t cover it just get in touch (you can always contact support@wordgo.org) and one of the WordGo Team will get back to you as soon as possible.

10. Share Significant Issues or Complaints Immediately

If something serious happens in your group and you think we should know, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Let your Group Members know that they can also contact us through the support site if they need help. We can’t promise to provide for every need but hope we can point you and your members in the right direction. It is your obligation to let us know of any serious complaints immediately.

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