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Every WordGo Guide can create environments where life change can happen by initiating, preparing and hosting a WordGo Group. In this training, Dana explains the vision and outlines your first steps to get your group up and running.

Application Questions

1. Consider a group you have been part of that made an impact on your life; what about it made the difference for you?

2. Who do you know that could be part of your WordGo Group?

3. What preparations do you need to make to find a suitable time and location to meet?

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Can you think of a time when you were part of a community that impacted your life for the better?

Maybe you met regularly with friends for food or coffee, and you consistently left feeling encouraged by the conversation? Or perhaps you were part of a small group where you met to study, to discuss the Bible, and to pray?

I know I can think of a time just like this! I was part of a group where we would meet each week to connect, catch up on life, laugh together, eat together, pray together and study the Word - and it had a huge impact on my life.

What was it about that group? Why did it make the impact it did?

It wasn’t just the great food and snacks - as important as those were - it was the content! We took the time to consider ideas that had meaning and significance in our lives. We talked about so many things; our favorite new restaurants, films we had seen recently, right through to what we were learning as we’d go through life’s ups and downs. Often we discussed the Bible; we considered what it said and thought about how it could change our perspectives on everyday life.

Through these informal, and what often seemed like inconsequential meet-ups, my life was changed. It was a slow process, but over time my attitudes started to change, and my priorities started to re-order. I didn’t fully appreciate it then, but in those moments spent in the company of others, my life was being transformed.

This is something we can all experience, and you - as a WordGo Guide - get to play a significant role in helping those just like you to experience the same.

You can create an environment where lives are changed.

At this point you might be asking, “How?” Here’s three simple things you need to do to get started:

1. Invite Some Friends

Don’t overthink this too much! Consider, “Who are three to five people I could invite to my WordGo group?” Is it a group of friends at college or work? Or perhaps some like-minded people from your local church who you think might be interested in studying the Bible in a small group setting?

Get your list together and begin praying for the opportunity to ask. If you are considering WordGo as a resource for a church small group, we’re so glad! Please do share your plans with your Pastor or a relevant church leader. That’s your first step: invite some friends.

2. Prepare for Your First Meet-Up

Once you’ve invited some friends, it’s time to prepare for your first Gathering.

This should feel like a relaxed meet-up, where people can come to connect and find out more about WordGo. Choose an environment where your group will feel at ease. It could be a coffee shop, a home or maybe even a church - wherever works best for most people. You want to find a space where you can speak and share openly about what God is teaching you through the study. There’s a lot more about how to set up your chosen venue in our ‘Creating the Experience’ training.

Once you’ve made your choice, the App will guide you through the process of setting location and time details and sending the invites to your group.

3. Host Your Group

The invites have been sent, you’ve prepared and it’s the day of the first Gathering … It’s time to host your group! At this point, some of us will begin to get a little nervous, but that is a natural response to starting something new - in a few weeks you will feel very differently! You are waiting and hoping that someone will arrive - just relax. If it helps, send a message to your group the day before to confirm they are able to come.

Once you are all there, introduce anyone who doesn’t know each other, serve some refreshments and… go!

We’ve provided you with an intro session programme that’ll help you all get started. Follow the steps, but don’t forget to make it your own. Remember that lives are changed when people gather together, discuss the Bible, and connect with each other.

Every WordGo Guide can create an environment where lives are changed.

Invite your friends, prepare to meet, host your group.

Then sit back and see what God does in your life and in the lives of your friends!


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