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Every WordGo Guide can help others to study the bible by explaining the four fold approach to WordGo Group Members. In this training James explains the five activities both Guides and Members will experience in the study.

Application Questions

  1. What element of the study are you most looking forward to?

  2. How can you help your Group Members to get the most out of the App?

  3. Will you encourage your group to listen to the WordGo Podcast before or after the weekly gathering?

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When it comes to studying the Bible, many of us struggle. It can be difficult to know where to begin and how to keep going. That’s why we’ve created WordGo!

WordGo can help establish a healthy, sustainable lifestyle of intimacy with God through direct engagement with the text of the Bible.

As a Guide you have an opportunity to help others find this daily rhythm of reading the Bible.

Through the App and perhaps a little encouragement from you and the other Group Members you could play a pivotal role in someone’s first steps in developing a lifelong habit of bible study.

So how does it work? Here’s what both Guides & members will do

1. Set Up Your Daily Plan.

You decide how much time you can afford.

You’ll be guided through this process when you open the study section of the App for the first time.

Simply select an amount and a time that fits with your schedule. Each day you will receive a notification that will prompt you to get started. We’ve created options that will deliver the right amount of content based on your personal choice.

The aim is that this will make it possible for you and your members to get started and not feel overwhelmed by the amount of content. As a Guide your role is to encourage the members whatever choice they’ve made, it’s worth talking about at your first gathering.

2. Read The Bible and Use Some in-App Questions

Once you’ve set up your study plan it’s time to dive in! In the App you will see a week of content broken up into individual days, you can swipe the tiles left see what’s coming next!

Once you tap on the start lesson button you will be straight into the content.

We encourage you to always begin with reading the Bible passage for that day. Whatever plan you are on there will be enough time to read the passage.

After reading the passage you can tap on the “questions tab.”

These will help you reflect on what you are learning, what God is doing in your life and dig deeper into the Bible passage.

When you fill in your responses they’ll be stored securely (no one else can see these!) but will be easily accessible for you to refer when it comes to the group discussion time.

3. Listen To The Podcast.

Each week you will have access to the WordGo Podcast, it’s available both in App and the usual places you find podcasts. The podcast contains teaching on the passage for that week with some questions at the end that will help with life application.

It’s probably a good idea to decide as a group if listening to the lecture podcast before or after you gather is the approach of your group, we’ve found that listening before can help with understanding of the passage and encourage freer / deeper discussion times. You can discuss this during your first gathering.

It’s good to remind your group members to read the passage and consider the questions before listening to the podcast.

4. Gather With your WordGo Group For Discussion and Encouragement.

Each week you will gather as a group to discuss what you’ve been learning.

This is a great time to share what you have learned throughout the week through reading the passage and answering the questions.

As a Guide you’ll kick of the discussion each week and it’s an opportunity for the whole group to share any key learning or perhaps even other questions they have personally about the study.

You don’t need to feel pressure to answer any difficult questions; acknowledging the question, seeking insight from the group and encouraging them to continue to find out more from the notes or other trusted sources is a great help.

As you answer questions throughout the week they’ll be stored and easily brought up in the gathering view. Encourage your members to prioritise the gathering as it’ll be a huge benefit to them and others as they share what God is teaching them!

5. Dive Deeper On The Go With Study Notes

In addition to the passage & questions we’ve included study notes both written and audio and a teaching podcast based on the passage you’ve just been studying.

You can encourage your group to go as deep as they want and as deep as they can with the study notes. They are optional so if your members have time or have additional questions about themes uncovered in the passage there will often be additional helpful content in there.

  1. Read The Passage

  2. Answer The Questions

  3. Listen To The Podcast

  4. Discuss With Your Group

  5. And if you have time Dive Deeper With Study Notes!


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