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Every WordGo Guide can create an unmissable experience for Group Members by choosing a great venue, providing hospitality and making people feel at home. In this training, Dana describes how you can create an environment that will enhance the group experience.

Application Questions

  1. Think about a place that you love to spend time in; what is it about that location that makes it so enjoyable?

  2. Who from your list of invitees could assist you in creating the ideal experience for your members?

  3. What songs will you put on your WordGo Spotify playlist to help enhance the atmosphere of your gatherings?

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Every WordGo Guide can create an unmissable experience for their Group Members

Think of a place where you love to spend time. It could be a favourite café, restaurant, bookstore or maybe even someone’s home.

If it’s a place that you feel at ease in, then you can be sure that someone has taken the time to carefully consider how to make it a place that you can’t wait to get back to.

When it comes to creating a great experience for your WordGo group, there are a few things you could consider:

1. Consider Your Venue

Where you meet with your WordGo group will have an impact on the dynamic of the group. Whether you decide to gather in a coffee shop, an office or someone’s home, you have an opportunity to create an environment that sets your group at ease.

Let’s be honest, the first time we go to any kind of social gathering can be intimidating. So before your first meet up, think about how you can make the space a place that works for small group Bible study. Room temperature, lighting, and even seating are important. Playing music while people arrive helps with any lulls in conversation, and clear parking directions beforehand can avoid any last-minute flustered arrivals!

2. Prepare to Host

When it comes to hosting your WordGo group, think of it the same way you’d host guests you have invited to a party at your home. 

One of the best ways to make people instantly feel at ease is to provide some food and drinks, so once you’ve been running for a few weeks, it’s a good idea to get others involved and share out the responsibility of providing a few snacks and treats to enjoy while you meet.

If this is something you think you might need help with, why not involve somebody you are inviting from the first week to assist you in hosting?

3. Make People Feel at Home

There’s no exact science or formula for all of this - but with a welcoming attitude and a few simple actions, you can put your Group Members at ease and help them feel at home. 

Always place an emphasis on personal touches; warm welcomes, remembering names and introducing any new group members. If the gathering venue is more functional - like an office space or church hall - try to make tweaks and changes to the room to make it feel more homely. Some lamps, plants and bringing in some more comfortable seating can go a long way in upgrading the experience.

This is something you can work on each week and adapt to find the best fit for your group. The ultimate aim is to make people feel welcome, comfortable and relaxed. When the group feels at home, the connection time, group discussion and prayer times will all benefit! People will be able to go deeper into God's Word and your group could become an unmissable event in the calendar of your Group Members.

As you consider how to best make your group feel at home, think about someone who you could invite to assist you and finally, write down a few simple ways you could create a welcoming meeting venue and maximise the first five minutes of every gathering.

Create the Experience:

Consider your venue, prepare to host, and make people feel at home.


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